In Lock Haven, PA, many homeowners take for granted that winter weather can mean sky-high heating bills. It’s time for that to stop. With a two-stage furnace installed by a professional heating contractor, you can slash your energy costs while enjoying greater comfort than ever before.
More Consistent and Precise Heating
Traditional single-stage furnaces operate in rapid bursts, quickly heating your home before shutting off completely. These unpredictable cycles can lead to sharp temperature fluctuations that make your home feel less comfortable. Two-stage furnaces, on the other hand, are capable of producing less intense heat over longer periods of time. This gentler approach to heating results in better temperature control, more even and consistent heat distribution and improved comfort.
Less Waste and Lower Energy Bills
Two-stage furnaces run more often than traditional units, but that doesn’t mean they use more energy. In fact, most two-stage models operate on lower settings around 90% of the time. As a result, they can actually reduce the total amount of energy you spend on heating. One easy way to see the difference is by comparing the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of different furnaces. Standard models typically have an AFUE of around 80%, but a two-stage furnace can easily exceed 95%.
More Effective Air Filtration
If you’re concerned about your home’s indoor air quality, a two-stage furnace could be the perfect upgrade. Since they run more frequently than single-stage units, two-stage furnaces are able to move substantial volumes of air. This increase in circulation means more air passes through your HVAC filters, improving the odds that airborne particulates will be removed. Along with regularly cleaning or replacing your filters, this can be a great way to give your air quality a boost.
To enjoy all the benefits of a two-stage furnace, make sure you have your system installed by a professional heating contractor. To learn more, call Triangle Heating & Cooling or check out our professional heating services today.

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