Cold winter weather in State College, PA, requires you to have a safe and effective heating system. Gas furnaces use burners to mix air with fuel to generate heat. Malfunctioning furnace burners are common heating system problems and knowing the signs of this issue allows you to arrange for urgent heating system repairs.
Flickering or Yellow Flame
During a heating cycle, take a look through the viewing area of your furnace’s combustion chamber. You should see a vibrant, constant blue flame. If the flame flickers, looks weak or spindly, or has a yellow or orange color, the burners could have corrosion, cracks, or soot buildup blocking the airflow. These issues require professional repairs.
Unusual Odors or Sounds
Cracked furnace burners may cause some of the interior metal components to burn. You may notice a formaldehyde smell during one or more heating cycles. This situation is dangerous and requires urgent heating system repairs. Furnaces should operate with minimal noise. The only sound you should hear is the blower motor’s fan. If you hear sizzling, crackling, rumbling, or popping sounds, the burners may be malfunctioning. Any unusual odors or sounds from your furnace should be checked out by our heating system professionals.
No Heat
Rust, dirt, or soot buildup could stop the burners from heating the gas. This results in no heat to your home. A supply valve problem or loss of connection to the gas line also causes furnace burners to stop heating. The safety system in your furnace only triggers the fan to turn on once a certain temperature has been achieved, so the lack of heat means the fan won’t distribute what little heat may be generated by a malfunctioning burner. The burners may need an adjustment or cleaning. According to the Department of Energy, only professionals should perform these tasks.
To learn more about the signs of malfunctioning furnace burners, take a look at Triangle Heating & Cooling’s heating system repairs, or call us today for additional advice.

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