Packaged systems come with all HVAC components housed in one cabinet and installed outside on the ground or on the roof. Dual fuel systems combine a heat pump with a gas furnace for effective and efficient heating and cooling in regions with severe winters like Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.
How Do Dual Fuel Systems Work?
The air conditioning component of the heat pump cools and dehumidifies your home in summer. When it gets chilly, the heat pump kicks in to provide warmth. When temperatures dip below freezing, the furnace automatically takes over to deliver high-powered heat.
What Are the Benefits of Hybrid Heat?
Dual fuel packaged systems offer homeowners one unit that covers all the bases. Here are some of the benefits of a hybrid heat installation over a traditional furnace and air conditioner installation:

Hybrid heat is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling solution in colder climates. With dual fuel, you’re always using the most efficient heating or cooling option.
Unlike furnaces that deliver periodic blasts of hot air, heat pumps deliver a continuous air flow. This helps to improve air circulation in your home while also increasing your level of comfort.
Heat pumps are more energy efficient than furnaces, which generate hot air. Instead, they provide warmth using ambient heat from the air outside. The difference can save you up to 50 percent annually on energy costs.
Because packaged HVAC systems are housed in one cabinet and situated outside, they’re ideal for homes that are short on space.
Dual fuel systems have options for air filtration and humidity control.
With dual fuel systems, you can set the switch-over point from the heat pump to the furnace at any temperature you like. This allows you to precisely control the efficiency of your system. It also helps you to create optimal comfort conditions in your home.

If you’re considering a heater and air conditioner installation in your Bellefonte, PA home, the team at Triangle Heating & Cooling offers a variety of packaged HVAC systems. Call us at (814) 355-7653 to learn more.

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