It’s not often you can truly enjoy the best of both worlds, but that’s exactly what dual fuel systems offer. Their innovative design makes it possible to enjoy outstanding efficiency during moderate weather without sacrificing powerful cold-weather heating. That’s a great combination considering the highly variable climate in State College, PA. If you’re considering upgrading or installing an HVAC system, here are a few reasons to consider a hybrid package.
Enhanced Efficiency
State College homeowners often face a conundrum. Electric heat pumps deliver clean and efficient performance but rapidly lose their heating capacity below about 30 degrees. On the other hand, gas furnaces offer outstanding cold-weather heating but fall short of heat pumps in terms of efficiency. Packaged HVAC products solve this quandary by simply bundling both components together in a single unit. You’ll enjoy the efficiency of a heat pump most of the year while having a powerful furnace ready when needed.
Maximum Flexibility
A hybrid dual fuel system offers unbeatable versatility in home heating and cooling. A single unit can handle all your heating and cooling needs while giving you complete freedom of choice. You’ll have total control over when your system uses each fuel type. It’s one of the best options available for ensuring you get exactly the heating and cooling performance you want.
Limited Environmental Impact
Many homeowners are understandably concerned about the impact their home has on the environment. Unfortunately, an outdated or inefficient HVAC system can significantly increase your carbon footprint. The good news is that electricity is among the cleanest and most efficient power sources available. Since hybrid systems utilize electricity most of the time, packaged HVAC products can really keep your climate impact in check.
No one wants to be uncomfortable or pay more than necessary for home heating and cooling. If lower utility costs and enhanced flexibility sound good to you, a dual fuel system may be just the ticket. To find out more, check out Triangle Heating & Cooling’s packaged HVAC products or call (814) 355-7653 to speak with our friendly staff.

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