Indoor air quality solutions can have a big impact on your health and quality of life. If your home in State College, Pennsylvania, suffers from poor air quality, there are several ways to solve the problem.
Easy Indoor Air Quality Solutions
Controlling contaminants at the source is the most effective way to mitigate indoor pollution. Vacuuming frequently, washing linens in hot water and keeping up with household maintenance are also effective strategies for reducing the number of allergens swirling around your home. Here are a few other tips that you can try today.

Block pollen and trap particulates by keeping the windows closed and placing doormats on both sides of the threshold.
To reduce dust buildup, clean from top to bottom, and pay special attention when vacuuming along the baseboard.
Replace your HVAC air filter every 30 to 90 days. Change the filter more frequently during the height of the heating and cooling seasons or if your family has pets.
Excess moisture contributes to organic growth, dust mites, and a number of other air quality concerns. Manage humidity by fixing leaks promptly and using exhaust fans when cooking or bathing.
To reduce the concentration of volatile organic compounds, increase ventilation when using household cleaners, adhesives, or products that release fumes.

Air Cleaners and Professional HVAC Services
Simple daily habits can noticeably improve your indoor air quality, but these changes aren’t always enough. If you have allergies or health concerns, contact a professional HVAC service to have your air quality checked. Our contractors also install whole-house air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and UV lamps that can eliminate specific contaminants and address general issues. To learn more about our indoor air quality solutions, visit our service page, or call Triangle Heating & Cooling at (814) 355-7653.

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