Are you having issues with slow-draining sinks, clogged toilets, or a backed-up dishwasher in your Bellefonte home? Put away the plunger and stop spending money on store-bought chemical cleaners. Instead, consider the benefits of investing in clog removal services from professional plumbing services.
Professional Clog Removal Is Better for Your Pipes
Professional drain cleaning services safeguard your home’s pipes and don’t put them at risk of developing pinhole leaks or bursting. The problem with retail chemical drain cleaners is they don’t dissolve or rinse out of the pipes completely. Instead, the caustic chemicals stay trapped in the pipes, eventually causing corrosion and shortening the pipes’ lifespans. Professional clog removal is a safe, chemical-free way to remove buildup without weakening the drainage system.
Drain Cleaning Services Identify Larger Problems
Sometimes what appears to be a simple drain clog is something much more. Households experiencing multiple drainage issues might have other problems brewing in their pipes that they’re unaware of. For example, root infiltration, collapsed sewer pipes, and soil issues can affect the main sewer line and cause the pipe to clog. However, remedying the problem requires more than a plunger. Sometimes the sewer line requires replacement or relining. Licensed plumbers have specialized camera equipment that lets them see into the deepest recesses of the lateral piping and identify the root cause of the problem.
Extended Lifespan and Increased Value
Investing in professional clog removal gets the water flowing in the right direction fast and prevents messy backups, but that’s not the best benefit of this service. Expert drain cleaning service performed by professional plumbing services keeps your home’s drainage system in like-new condition. Homeowners in Bellefonte have fewer sewer-related problems and increase their home’s value. You might not be thinking of selling your house now, but if you decide to sell in the future prospective buyers like knowing the plumbing system has been taken care of well.
If you’re experiencing recurring drainage issues, you’ll enjoy the effectiveness and fast results of professional drain cleaning. For more information about clog removal, contact Triangle Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.

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