During a long, cold winter in Central Pennsylvania, nothing offers more comfort than a well-functioning heating system. A new furnace or boiler installation lets you take advantage of the latest advancements in heating technology. Today’s models are energy-efficient wonders that convert nearly all the fuel used to power them into heat. They’re safer, more reliable and offer better performance too. Here are some of the features that make a new installation a smart move.
Condensing Models
Fuel-fired heaters use heat exchangers to transfer heat generated in the combustion chamber to warm your home. Condensing models have a secondary exchanger that condenses the water vapor present in exhaust gases to extract more heat. The most energy-efficient furnaces available today are condensing units.
Sealed Combustion
Sealing the combustion chamber helps prevent dangerous byproducts like carbon monoxide from entering living spaces. Sealed units draw in air from outdoors and exhaust flue gases directly outside. This not only makes the heater safer but more energy-efficient too.
Modulating Gas Valves
Multi-stage valves allow gas-fired heaters to run at a lower setting when heating demands are low. This reduces uncomfortable swings of temperature in your home while saving energy and your money. Some models come with sensors that adjust the firing rate based on outdoor air temperatures. Electronic Ignition
Eliminating the need to have a pilot light burning saves a substantial amount of fuel. With electronic ignition, you never have to worry about the pilot blowing out and releasing dangerous gases into your home. Heaters with a direct spark or hot-surface ignition safeguard you from fire hazards as well.
Design Adaptability
Furnaces and boilers come in an array of sizes, configurations and fuel types. From radiant flooring to central-air heating, our selection at Triangle Heating & Cooling ensures you’ll find the ideal choice. For more information about heaters that enhance your comfort while saving you money, explore our heating solutions or call (814) 355-7653.

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