Your air conditioner removes moisture from the air, and the condensate line drains that moisture from the unit. The line emerges from your home near the outside AC component, and it deposits the moisture produced by the evaporator coil on the ground. If you don’t see any water dripping but the air conditioner is turned on, there may be a clog in the drain pipe. The line can get so stopped up with algae, mold, dust, sludge and grit that water backs up into your Bellefonte, PA, home. You want to avoid that and the resulting damage that could happen to your home:
Your Air Conditioner Can Ice Up
When water is trapped in your AC with nowhere to go, the air conditioner coil can turn it into ice. Moisture inside the drain line can also turn to ice. At some point the system will shut down, but by that time, your AC could be damaged.
The Condensate Drain Pan Can Overflow
The condensate drain pan is located beneath the evaporator coil. Water extracted from the air is deposited into the pan and drained through the condensate line. If the line is clogged, the drain pan can overflow, and the water can damage wood floors, ceilings, furniture and carpeting. The water in the pan can quickly become contaminated with microbes; breathing air that passes over a contaminated condensate pan can cause respiratory problems, eye irritation, sinus infections and headaches.
Your Drywall Can Be Damaged, and Your Ceiling May Leak
Ceiling leaks and drywall damage caused by a clogged line or an overflowing drain pan can go unnoticed until extensive damage occurs. Leaking water can even drip on electrical wires causing even more damage.
Most condensate pipe clogs in Bellefonte, PA, homes can be prevented with annual air conditioning maintenance. Instead of waiting for the worst to happen, schedule AC tuneups every spring. To learn about all the other benefits of air conditioner maintenance, visit Triangle Heating & Cooling or call us at (814) 355-7653.

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