Nothing feels better than the comforting warmth of a furnace on a cold winter night. Furnaces need regular care to operate safely and efficiently. Here’s why furnace maintenance is so important:
Safety Issues
The heat exchanger needs regular inspections to ensure that it doesn’t crack or deteriorate and become a source of toxic fumes. Safety controls should be tested periodically to prevent hazards, and the gas line should be checked every year for leaks. Combustion air openings must be cleared of obstructions, and the flue pipe should be inspected annually for corrosion and leaks.
Furnace Lifespan
Burners should be cleaned regularly. Dirty burners that fire improperly can cause soot, condensation and poor combustion. Your technician will measure the voltage and amperage of the blower motor, compressor and condenser fan motors to ensure proper operation. Improper draw interferes with heater efficiency and can shorten the life of the motors.
Energy Efficiency
The fan switch should be checked and adjusted so it isn’t wasting energy. Loose furnace panels should be secured and controls tested so they don’t hamper efficiency, create a shutdown or cause other components to fail. Belts need regular adjustment or periodic replacement so they don’t become loose and interfere with efficient equipment operation.
Furnace Performance
Pilot lights should be cleaned and adjusted every year. Weak or dirty pilot lights can go out and make the heater shut down. Moving parts like bearings and motors need regular lubrication to prevent unnecessary wear and tear, and the thermostat should be calibrated to prevent it from running longer than necessary.
The service experts at Triangle Heating & Cooling have been performing furnace maintenance in Central Pennsylvania for over 40 years. To learn more about how to have a healthy furnace, visit us online or call (814) 355-7653 if you suspect any issues with your furnace.

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