Maintaining energy-efficient indoor comfort in your Bellefonte, PA, home has never been easier. Now, Wi-Fi connected thermostats come with high-tech capabilities that help you save even more.
Indoor Comfort Control From Anywhere
Control your home’s climate remotely with any internet-connected device. Did you forgot to turn down the heat before you left home? Do you want a warm house waiting when you get back? Set the thermostat to the desired temperature at the desired time and enjoy the results.
Learning Capability
Learning thermostats observe your habits with the controls and create indoor conditions according to your behavior. Some devices can sense when you’re home, when you leave and which rooms you’re currently using. It senses when you’re going to bed, leaving or entering a room and getting up in the morning. It then adjusts temperatures accordingly. If you wish to make adjustments, you can always override the device in real time.
Energy-saving Benefits
Smart thermostats can help you save money and monitor the health of your equipment. Many models provide monthly energy efficiency reports based on usage. The reports include tips on how to save more on costs. According to Energy Star, you could save as much as $180 annually with a Wi-Fi thermostat. The device could pay for itself in a couple of years.
Programming Ability
If you prefer to preset automatic temperatures yourself, many HVAC thermostats are programmable. You can set the device to maintain different temperatures at different times of the day on different days of the week.
HVAC Alerts
HVAC thermostats inform you via text message when you need to change the filter and when it’s time for HVAC maintenance. They can tell you if they detect a problem with your system. They can provide your HVAC contractor with system information that allows your dealer to perform remote diagnostic tests.
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