Cool, crisp autumn air has arrived in Bellefonte, PA, which means it’s time to start on your winter prep list. One item that deserves priority is a boiler tune-up. Arranging for a professional tune-up for your home’s boiler system helps ensure that you’ll be comfortable and safe all winter long, and here are three reasons to schedule this service visit now.
Verify Safety
Boilers maintain a large holding tank of hot water. They also have gas supply valves, burners, and a flue. During a boiler tune-up, our technicians check all of these critical parts. We verify that the boiler is operating safely and ensure that all combustion byproducts exit your home. Our technicians perform safety tests and check all the system switches and sensors to verify their proper operation.
Improve Efficiency
Keeping up with boiler maintenance improves the efficiency of your boiler system. According to the Department of Energy, some key parts of boiler tune-ups that enhance heating system efficiency include verifying the burner temperature, adjusting the blower control and air supply temperature, and removing corrosion and debris from the combustion chamber. A boiler tune-up quickly pays for itself because the system won’t have to use as much fuel to keep your home warm this winter.
Identify Areas of Concern
Over time, key parts of your boiler may deteriorate. Our qualified heating professionals inspect the flue and check it for cracks, obstructions, and loose vent connections. We also check the heat exchanger and combustion chamber. Damaged seals, cracks, and leaks are safety hazards. During the tune-up, our technicians also look for signs of excessive wear and tear. We’ll let you know if any parts need to be replaced. Replacing worn parts before they fail prevents a boiler malfunction and disruption of your comfort.
To learn more about the importance of scheduling a boiler tune-up before cold weather arrives, take a look at Triangle Heating, Cooling & Plumbing’s heating services, or contact our qualified heating professionals today.

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