Experts say that nearly half of HVAC breakdowns are caused by inadequate maintenance. The benefits of seasonal tuneups are well established. Heating and cooling equipment that’s serviced regularly costs less to operate, requires fewer repairs and lasts longer. Maintenance is the best way to prevent problems that lead to spiraling repair costs, but many homeowners still skip or postpone their seasonal HVAC tuneups.
Avoiding Breakdowns with Heating and Cooling Maintenance
During seasonal tuneups, your technician will catch and correct issues before they cause a breakdown or secondary problems that require substantial repairs. For example, a clogged return filter can restrict the airflow and cause the furnace to shut down or overheat. A refrigerant leak that’s caught during a service visit might cost less to repair. Plus, you’ll avoid breakdowns that would interrupt your schedule. By investing in preventive maintenance, you can greatly reduce the amount of money that you spend on corrective maintenance and repairs.
Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency
Seasonal heating and cooling maintenance also reduces your energy bills. The efficiency experts at Carbon Trust say that energy consumption may increase by 30 percent if seasonal HVAC maintenance is not completed. Even highly efficient gas boilers cost up to 10 percent more to run when they aren’t maintained. Since heating and air conditioning account for almost half of your household energy use, improvements in this area can significantly reduce your utility bills.
Peace of Mind and Reliability
At Triangle Heating & Cooling, our certified technicians clean the burners, inspect the heat exchanger and examine the vents during each fall tuneup. Tuneups gives you the peace of mind that your furnace or boiler will function properly during the fall and winter.
To learn more about the benefits of seasonal HVAC tuneups, check out our maintenance page, or call Triangle Heating & Air Conditioning in Bellefonte at (814) 355-7653. Our technicians will inspect your HVAC system and make sure that it’s running optimally.

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