From higher-than-expected energy bills to strange noises to poor temperature control, there are a lot of ways a good heater can go bad. If your relationship with your heater is feeling a little frosty, it might be time for a tune-up. Bad performance from your heating system usually boils down to a lack of routine maintenance, but it’s not too late to get back on track. One annual visit is all it takes to show your heater a little TLC and help it perform its best, reports Energy Star.
Safety First
Your annual heater tune-up includes a thorough safety check. The technician makes sure there are no problems with carbon monoxide emissions, electrical connections or voltage. The tech checks the pilot and burners to confirm everything is working the way it should be. Even if your heater is still performing decently, the peace of mind you get from a good safety check is well worth the cost of a preventive maintenance check.
Warranties and Repairs
An annual service check may be required by the terms of your newer HVAC warranty. This is because good manufacturers want your heating unit to serve you well for years to come. The service tech will also be looking for potential problems before you face an inconvenient breakdown and need a repair call.
Better Efficiency
Dirty components force your heater to work extra hard, hurting its efficiency. During your heater tune-up, the tech cleans out the dust, checks the drains, changes the filter and checks the airflow. All of this attention could give the equipment a boost in energy efficiency, saving you some cash every month.
To learn more about the benefits of regular HVAC tune-ups, check out Triangle Heating & Cooling’s maintenance page or call (814) 355-7653. We don’t stop working until you’re satisfied.

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