A properly installed and well-maintained heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system can make a huge difference in the ability to improve indoor air quality. Clean, filtered and conditioned indoor air is vital to the reduction of allergic reactions. Fumes and airborne particles from mold spores, pet dander, pollen, dust and dust mite droppings, when breathed into the lungs, can cause allergies to flare.
How Air Conditioners Help
An air conditioner provides fresh, filtered air from outdoors and removes excess indoor moisture. Controlling humidity levels is essential in preventing mold from growing and reducing dust mite residue. For the air conditioner to be effective in allergy reduction, all components must be working properly. In addition, filters must be cleaned or changed at regular intervals.
How Heating and Ventilation Systems Affect Allergen Exposure
Heating systems typically blow warm air through ducting that vents into various indoor areas. If the air is properly filtered and air ducts are clean, only air will be delivered. Dirty filters and high humidity are two causes of dirty air ducts. If you notice a moldy smell or dust floating above the vents while the furnace is running, you can reduce allergies by having the ductwork professionally cleaned.
Adequate ventilation allows fresh air to circulate through indoor areas. Ventilation systems that prevent allergens from entering the building usually trap incoming airborne particles in filters. Some filters are more effective than others. Be careful, however. The wrong filter can damage your unit.
Professional HVAC Help Is Available for Pennsylvania Building Owners
If your home or commercial building is located in or near Bellafonte, Pennsylvania, professional assistance is as close as your fingertips. To learn more, check out Triangle Heating & Cooling or call (814) 355-7653. Located in Bellafonte, Triangle Heating & Cooling provides HVAC system services in Bellefonte, Lewistown, Lock Haven and State College as well as in surrounding areas. In business for more than 30 years, we enjoy helping customers have healthy indoor air quality.

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