How is your air conditioner performing now that temperatures are on the rise in Lewistown, PA? Our expert technicians are hard at work keeping homes and businesses in the area cool. We know that turning the air on for the first time in spring or summer may lead to a service call for AC repairs. The question is how often you should need to repair your air conditioning system before you determine it’s time for an AC replacement.
Frequency of AC Repairs
If all of the following statements apply to your AC system, you aren’t likely to require repairs often:

Your system was installed properly.
Your AC unit is the appropriate size for your home.
You change your filters monthly or quarterly, depending on the type of filter used.
Your system isn’t more than 10-15 years old.

That list touches on some of the most common reasons that Lewistown residents call Triangle Heating & Cooling for air conditioning repairs. If you find one or more of those statements aren’t true for your property, then you may need more frequent service calls than a home with running a newer AC unit that was properly installed, sized for their home, and supported with frequent filter changes.
How to Reduce Repair Service Calls
The best solution for frequent repair bills is routine AC maintenance. Allowing our technicians to perform a yearly tune-up may prevent you from paying for a more costly AC replacement in the near future. Our technicians are trained to closely evaluate every component of your HVAC system to detect potential problems before they turn into system inefficiencies or costly breakdowns.
When you commit to annual maintenance, you allow our team to replace problematic parts before they give out completely. We can also advise you on other actions that may extend the life of your system, saving you money and a lot of time in the months to come.
You can learn more about AC repairs by calling Triangle Heating & Cooling at (814) 355-7653. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you maintain excellent air quality inside your home or business.

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