We’ve talked about keeping your indoor air healthy in the winter, but you can’t forget about air quality once warmer weather rolls around. When the air that you breathe contains pollutants, your body may respond with coughing, watery eyes or a runny nose. It’s easy to assume that these common allergy symptoms are due to pollen or other outdoor allergens, but what happens when you experience those symptoms year-round? You have to assume that the cause is within your living environment.
Poor air quality inside your home and/or place of business could also lead to more serious health problems, including difficulty breathing, headaches, nausea and dizziness. In the case of carbon monoxide, air contamination could even threaten your life. You may take the time to exercise, prepare nutritious meals and drink water to protect your health, but your mission isn’t complete if you’re ignoring the need for air purification at home and work.
Leading Causes of Air Impurities
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, there are several ways that air impurities can enter your home or business:

Insufficient ventilation
High temperatures
Excessive humidity
Construction and renovation

Other sources of indoor air contamination include cigarette smoke, chemicals emitted from flooring or upholstery, household cleaners, and fumes from paint and other products used for crafts or home decoration projects. If you have never had a professional check the quality of your air, there’s a good chance that it contains impurities that you would never willingly inhale.
Detect & Eliminate Invisible Threats
Some of the biggest threats to your health are lurking in your air undetected by your eyes or nose. You won’t know that they’re there until you start to experience negative reactions. We’re talking about deadly poisons like carbon monoxide as well as a long list of bacteria that could lead to respiratory problems and other serious illnesses. The longer you wait to have your home checked for toxins, the more your body is exposed to those health threats.
If you want to know more about improving your indoor air quality for maximum health year-round, learn about your air purification options or call our experts at (814) 355-7653.

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