Many benefits come with new HVAC installations. For Bellefonte, PA homeowners, lower utility bills may top the list. Energy-efficient cooling systems like variable speed and mini-split heat pumps can make a significant dent in your overall energy costs.
Variable Speed Heat Pumps
Traditional systems are either on full blast or not at all. Air conditioners use a considerable amount of energy to start up, so the frequent starting and stopping of the unit can inflate utility costs. Variable speed systems can operate at different speeds, which allows them to run longer and reduce wasted energy. The start-up phase also causes a good deal of stress and strain on the system, so variable speed units tend to last a little longer than traditional air conditioners.
Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps
Ductless mini splits are air source heat pumps that operate without ductwork. They draw heat from outdoor air to warm your home in winter. In summer, they remove heat from your home and dump it into the air outside. One outdoor unit can power up to eight indoor units. Each indoor unit controls heating and cooling in a separate zone. Each zone can be set to maintain a different temperature.
Mini splits have advanced inverter technology. They provide just enough heating or cooling output to maintain consistent indoor comfort without continuous cycling on and off. Because there is no ductwork, no air is lost through leaks. Mini splits are most cost-effective in warm climates, but they also work well in regions like Pennsylvania with cold winters.
High SEER ratings can make energy-efficient cooling systems even more efficient. Triangle Heating and Cooling offers free HVAC installation consultations to help you make an informed decision. Call us at (814) 355-7653 to learn more.

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