You’re not alone if you experience a different temperature in one room of your house than in another. Hot and cold spots are common issues in residences throughout Lock Haven, Lewistown and State College, PA. In homes with central HVAC systems, improper duct design, installation or upkeep is often the root cause of the problem. By eliminating ductwork from the equation, ductless mini-split systems offer savvy solutions for uneven household temperatures.
In the Zone
When it comes to HVAC innovations, zoning is the buzzword that’s capturing the most attention. Ductless air conditioning and heating systems are the premier examples of this modern approach to home comfort. Unlike whole-home systems, they allow you to maintain different temperatures in each living space in your home. Here’s how a zoned ductless mini-split system works:

Instead of traditional ductwork, ductless systems use individual air handlers to condition each room.
Each air handler is linked to a single outdoor unit, which is the “split” part of the mini-split system.
Wall consoles, remotes or even smartphones offer room-by-room control over temperature settings and fan speeds.

Ductless air conditioning and heating systems keep you in the Goldilocks zone where temperatures are never too hot or cold. Easy to install with minimal disruption, they’re the “just right” solution for many busy families in Central Pennsylvania.
Money-Saving Solutions
In addition to optimizing your comfort, ductless min-splits offer significant financial benefits. Compared to a room air conditioner, a ductless air conditioning system cuts cooling costs by 30 percent. In the winter, ductless systems use 60 percent less energy than electric heating systems. The absence of ducts also means you can avoid the energy-wasting leaks associated with central HVAC systems.
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