When it comes to heating and cooling your Lock Haven, PA home, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. You’ve probably heard of heat pumps and how energy efficient they are. However, you may have concerns about how they will perform in the middle of winter. Here are a few points to consider if you’re looking into getting an air source heat pump.
How Air Source Heat Pumps Operate
During the summer, a heat pump pulls heat from the air indoors and releases it outside in order to cool the air that it blows throughout the home. In the winter, a reversing valve switches the direction the refrigerant travels through the tubing to heat the home. Since heat pumps use the temperature of the ambient air to heat and cool your home, they can do so using significantly less energy than other forms of heating and cooling.
Using Heat Pumps in Northern Climates
Heat pumps work very well to cool homes, even when the temperature outside becomes unbearable. However, many people have concerns about whether a heat pump can keep up with harsh winter conditions. Even when the air outdoors feels extremely cold to us, there is still heat that can be extracted and used to warm your home. However, there are limitations to the amount of heat a heat pump can produce.
Using Hybrid Systems to Meet Your Heating Demands
In areas where temperatures routinely drop well below freezing, heat pumps can often use a little help to meet heating demands. The good news is that your new heat pump can be paired with a furnace to create a hybrid system that will produce enough heat to keep you warm and cozy all winter long. These systems switch over automatically from one system to another when needed. That way, you can enjoy the efficiency of a heat pump most of the time and the power of a furnace when the weather turns bitterly cold.
Want to Learn More About Heat Pumps?
If you’re interested in finding out more about heat pumps and what they have to offer, contact the experts at Triangle Heating & Cooling. You can visit our website or give call us at (814) 355-7653.

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