Does someone in your family have allergies or a respiratory condition? Regular AC maintenance in your State College, PA home can help. Not only do AC tune-ups help keep your cooling system in great condition, but they can also keep your indoor air quality IAQ high. Here are some ways that preventive maintenance can help:
Filter Changes
Filters prevent damaging airborne particles from invading your air conditioning. These contaminants can jam your cooling equipment and keep it from operating properly. Filters also prevent contaminants from invading indoor air. During maintenance, your technician will replace the filter and ensure that you’re changing the filters properly between service visits.
Filter Upgrades
Filters have MERV ratings that indicate how effective they are at removing particles from indoor air. The higher the MERV, the more particles the filter will trap. Fiberglass filters with ratings from 1 to 4 catch only large particles that could damage your air conditioner. Pleated filters rated from 5 to 8 trap smaller particles like pollen, dust, dander, mites, and microbes that can pollute indoor air.
Equipment Cleaning
After just one cooling season, air conditioners collect a substantial coating of grunge and grit. That dirt interferes with AC performance while indoor air quality also suffers. Whenever your system is running, this dirty accumulation blows into your home. Seasonal maintenance includes a thorough system cleaning to help prevent that from happening.
Ductwork Inspection
Symptoms of dirty ductwork include musty smells, excessive dust, and dirty buildup near the registers. Disease-causing microbes, mites, pests, and insect droppings can all take up residence in your ducts. These toxic particles can cause illness, set off allergies, and make breathing disorders worse.
The indoor air quality specialists at Triangle Heating & Cooling perform AC maintenance that keeps your system clean and your indoor air healthy. Call us at (814) 355-7653 to learn more.

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